Self care can become part of your routine simply by taking the time out of your every day life and getting in touch with yourself. Massage is one of those many ways.  By becoming a member you don't have to "remember" to take time out of your busy schedule, we remember for you.


The benefits are endless! Improved circulation, reduced fatigue, anxiety and pain as well as improved range of motion. Embrace self care and give yourself the gift of mindfulness. 


Relax. Renew. Rejuvenate.

There are several options available to suit your massage needs. Monthly, Biweekly and Weekly memberships. 

Membership set up fee - Free

60 Minute Memberships $55

90 Minute Memberships $95

Membership features:

One free add on per visit

Massage credits roll over up to a year

Auto debit 

Free anytime cancellation 

Anytime pause or skip a payment

Sharable for friends and family

Referral Benefits

Hassle free scheduling

Auto pause after 3 accrued credits until caught up.


Membership free add on options:


Hot towel wraps

Deep Tissue


Add some Luxury 

Hot Stones $5

Sugar Scrubs $5

Prenatal $15  Please contact your therapist first. 

30 extra minutes $40

Other great benefits!

50% off extra massage sessions for each referral. 

Receive your own special code for hassle free booking! 

Discounted Gift Certificates $10 off of one $30 off of two

Free Hot Stones during your Birthday Month

Combine 2  accrued massage sessions for a 90 minute session.

Important Changes

Membership Information

If you are a current Member your pricing will remain the same until you cancel. However If you cancel and would like to sign back up at a later date your pricing will go to the new price points listed above depending on your membership. This new pricing is to cover all expenses for credit/debit transactions. This does not count towards pausing for a month, only cancellations.  If you were a member and would like to renew your membership before the new pricing takes effect please contact me before January of 2020.

Understanding Your Membership 

Make sure you are getting the most out of your membership and understanding the policies that go with it. 

Every member is held to the same policies as every other client, to refresh your knowledge of the policies at Schultz Therapeutic Massage please head on over to the policies menu tab.

Each member will receive one free add on per visit. These add ons are available when booking your session just choose from the given list. If there is a price point beside the add on please note that add on is not part of the free add ons. It is however discounted for members but will require payment after your massage session. You can also prepay any add ons after the booking process.

All member credits will roll over for one year. After one year they will become expired and will no longer be accepted. 

All memberships will be auto debited no exceptions.

If you need to pause your membership to catch up on your credits or you need to skip a payment this can be done by contacting your therapist, but must be done at least one week before payment is set to auto debit. 


If you would like to share a credit with family or friends simply have them schedule with your code or schedule for them if you would prefer to not pass out your code. If you would like to "Gift" a massage credit ask your therapist for a gift certificate keeping in mind there will still be an expiration date one year from the time of auto debit.  

All Members will receive 50% off a full priced 60 minute massage for each referral. The referral must purchase a full priced session at Schultz Therapeutic Massage for you to receive the referral discount. 

Each month you will receive your own code to book your massage session. Type your own unique code into the redemption box at time of booking. If you should cancel your massage session that code will be added back into your massage "bank" 

Booking your massages in advanced is highly recommended as my schedule fills quickly. There are some times and days available to members only  but it is important and your responsibility to schedule your appointments. Schultz Therapeutic Massage will not schedule massage sessions out side of business hours. When booking your massage appointments in advanced please make sure to book after the date in which your account is charged.  For example if your membership is auto debited on the 12th then you should not book your massage in advanced for the 10th since your therapist would be preforming the massage before payment. 

Free hot stone add on during your birthday month. This is not sharable only the paying member will receive this benefit. 

If you are a 60 minute member you can combine two accrued massage sessions for one 90 min session by calling/texting Bailee at Schultz Therapeutic Massage. Available by appointment only. 

Cancelation policies are the same for all clients at Schultz Therapeutic Massage. If you no call no show your therapist you can choose to pay for the session in full or give up one of your member credits. If you have shared your credits with a friend or family member you will be contacted and can choose to give up a credit or have them pay in full. If the payment in full is refused from the friend or family member you will be responsible for full payment.

Late appointments will be docked massage time if you arrive 10 minutes late to a session without notifying your therapist, your massage will be canceled and rescheduled and considered a no call no show. 

At Schultz Therapeutic Massage we understand that as a member you could begin to feel close to your therapist and very comfortable in the massage space but please respect the massage space and wait to be invited into the massage treatment room before entering.


Your therapist is first and foremost a professional massage therapist, any inappropriate talk or touch and you will be canceled as a client, escorted off of the property and all remaining credits deleted, there is absolutely no exception to this rule. 

All Members will be required to reread policies and update all forms at the beginning of the calendar year.